Do Multi Vitamins Really Work

There’s no question that many people don’t get the nutrients that they need from the food that they eat everyday.  Diets that are dependent on fast food or restaurant food at least two or three times per week make it hard for people to get the vitamins and minerals that they really need. In theory, multi vitamins are a great supplement. However doctors and medical experts on split on whether or not multi vitamins really work and give people the nutrition that they lack.

One of the biggest reasons that some doctors feel that taking multi vitamins is a waste of time is that most of the thousands of multi vitamins that are on the market today are made up of synthetic vitamins and minerals that were created in a lab specifically for use in a multi vitamin tablet.  These doctors argue that using synthetic vitamins and minerals does not help the body as much as the natural vitamins and minerals which are found naturally in food would.

Are synthetically-made vitamins and minerals effective when it comes to helping the body? There is some evidence that suggests that multi vitamin pills are somewhat effective at providing the body with the vitamins and minerals that it needs. But a scientist at Northwestern University says that even though multi vitamins might be somewhat effective at providing some nutrients, synthetically produced multi vitamin can’t come close to the amount of vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed by the body through food.

A theory goes that because of the way that your body interacts with food, it is much better and more effective to get vitamins and minerals from food than through a multi vitamin.  And most doctors would agree that multi vitamins aren’t going to completely replace the need for food. However, they argue that multi vitamins are a good back up source of vitamins and minerals for people that don’t always eat a balanced diet or don’t always get the kind of nutrition that they should through food.

The theory does not take into account arguments that proponents of multi vitamin pills make pointing out that with soil depletion, pollution, and the use of pesticides and chemicals that the food people eat today isn’t all that healthy and most of the vitamins and minerals have been depleted before a person even eats the food.

The jury is still out on whether or not multi vitamins are as effective as eating food to get vitamins and minerals but there is no question that in certain circumstances and for certain people that are too busy to eat a healthy diet, or people that can’t eat certain foods because of allergies, or people that don’t like to eat certain foods, or people that are dieting taking a multi vitamin everyday can be a good way for them to get the vitamins and minerals that they need in order to thrive and be strong and healthy.