How to keep the kilos off during Chinese New Year


Eating healthy may be far from your mind during the Chinese New Year period but if you do not take care of keeping moderation in mind, you may end up with a permanent weight gain. Do not grab the first thing that you see. Think about whether you can do without that extra cookie bite. Here are some suggestions on how you can help yourself keep the kilos off during Chinese New Year


Avoid “unconscious eating”. Place only a few pieces of snacks on a small plate.


Choose three to five foods that appeal the most to you, instead of having all dishes. Avoid second helpings. Eat slowly, as it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full.


Choose wholegrain or non-fried food options if available


Have an extra serving of vegetables, especially if they are steamed or in soup. Not only are vegetables good for you, but the fibre also helps you to feel full with fewer calories.


Trim excess fat off meat and remove the skin before eating. Think twice before reaching for the salt and sugar shakers.


Who can resist a good bite of sweet and savory desserts. Share the guilty pleasures with a friend and go for nutrient-rich, not calorie-rich options such as fruits.


Instead of carbonated and sweetened drinks, go for plain water. Alternate non-alcoholic drinks with alcoholic ones. Sip your drinks instead of gulping. And better still, add ice to dilute your drink.