Healthy Midnight Snack To Quell That Hunger

What should you eat when the midnight hunger pang strikes you

Snacking at midnight shouldn’t have to be a battle of wits and tenacity. After all, it’s the total calories you consume, instead of the time of your meal, that really matters. And now, even the experts are weighing in on the benefits of the midnight snack and with the right food. So rejoice and stop starving yourselves with a healthy midnight snack.

1. Milk

Drinking milk before your sleep can aid in building muscle. In research published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Dutch scientists discovered that consuming casein (the dominant protein in milk) after an evening workout about 30 minutes before sleep increased protein synthesis in men. Wake up to swollen biceps in the morning.

2. Mixed nuts

Want to increase your metabolism? A study from the Florida State University found that when fit men eat a modest (150-calorie) night-time snack consisting of protein or carbohydrates, they have a higher resting metabolism rate in the morning compared to when they had nothing to nibble on at night before bed. So grab a handful of mixed nuts and be assured that you are working overtime – while you’re sleeping.

shutterstock_940710943. Regular yogurt with fruit

Having a snack before bed may leave you less hungry in the morning and improve satiety between meals the next day, according to nutrition expert, Michael Ormsbee, Ph.D. The type of food didn’t matter, but emphasising protein is smart because it helps you build muscle. Go for yogurt with fruit – because fruit add carbohydrates to the protein-rich yogurt. These will boost your blood levels of insulin, one of the keys to reducing post-exercise protein breakdown.

4. Wholegrain Breakfast Cereal

All day breakfast nooks are the rage right now. Why not have it at your own home and end your day with – breakfast cereal. In a study from Wayne State University in the US, people who ate cereal before bed lost roughly 2 pounds (about 900g) in 4 weeks, while people who didn’t have the cereal lost about half pound (about 220g). Get trimmer even when you have a midnight snack.