mdd Age-Fight Hydra Cleanser

When it comes to the art of face washing, it is a plethora of information out there. And it can be a minefield. And for the busy executive, we need something that will make us look and feel refreshed and awake in the morning (even when we likely got less than six hours of sleep). And then we wash the day off of our faces in the evening, removing all traces of makeup, as well as any dirt and excess oil.

But a cleanser is a cleanser, right? Don’t they all do the same job? Hardly. Therefore we need something that does the action quick and fuss-free.

mdd Age-Fight Hydra Cleansermdd Age-Fight Hdyra Cleanser

The mdd (which stands for my daily dose) Age-Fight Hdyra Cleanser is a triple action foaming, deep cleanser that purifies, hydrates and boosts skin cell metabolism. This cosmeceutical from Japan optimises skincare benefit for different skin types. With generous abundance of delicate bubbles, it thoroughly clean the pores of dirt, and wipe away the signs of aging.

Rich in natural moisturizing factor amino acids, restore youthful vigor; with soy cream, creating supple white skin.

Soybean extract that helps skin regeneration, while leaving skin clean, smooth and plump with hydration. It is gentle and suitable for all skin types. mdd products are free of parabens.

From our review, the mdd Age-Fight Hydra Cleanser  is extremely gentle and pure and melts away impurities. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean with a fresh scent. It may feel like a lotion but it is cleansing your face well. For people with sensitive skin this is a perfect choice. One of our reviewers like the way it goes through your pores completely with no leftover residue.