Quick Tip to Get Happy

Changing and lifting your mood when you’re down can be as simple as training your mind on happy thoughts. Other useful tips to get happy in an instant is being aware about what you put into your mouth and taking care of your health.

Eat Ginger And Broccoli

According to botanist James Duke, author of The Green Pharmacy, ginger and broccoli are extremely effective at providing temporary relief for depression. In this age of Prozac and anti-depressants, many people are looking to find a natural herbal alternative. Nature’s has plenty of herbs that can help mood disorders, anxiety and depression without any unwanted side effects.

Fix yourself with this quick Ginger Broccoli Stir Fry recipe with a Southeast Asian treatment.

Cut Down On Sugar

Much have been said about sugar and its side effects. Researchers from Tufts University in the US found that men on low-sugar diets had lower levels of depression and anxiety than those who consumed all types of carbs.

Balancing blood sugar is the quickest way to improve your mood with food. Cutting down on sugary foods and drinks, and refined products such as white bread and pasta will arrest the spike in sugar rush and subsequent crash that leaves you feeling tired and low.

Choose blood sugar-levelling whole grains, fruit, vegetables and pulses instead.

Think Happy

According to David G. Myers, author of The Pursuit Of Happiness, people who are  manipulated into smiling report feeling better instantly. So get out there and rrin, laugh, waggle your eyebrows, walk with a bounce in your step or simply just whistle to get your going on the road to happiness.

Make Time For Exercise

People who exercise at any intensity for two hours a week – an average of about 17 minutes a day – are 61 per cent less likely to feel highly stressed than their sedentary  counterparts, according to researchers in Denmark. Those who exercise outdoors reduce their depression by 71 per cent. “Nearly 94 per cent of people who take part in activities in a green environment say that it lifts their depression.

Get 8 Hours Of Sleep Daily

The myth of beauty sleep is no longer a myth! Hit the bed at 10pm and sleep until at least 6am. Repeat for the next seven days.

Being happy is often as simple as being well rested. On the other hand, researchers from the Stanford Sleep Epidemiology Research Center found that people with sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea are five times more likely to experience depression than those who sleep soundly.