Tinted Moisturising Sunscreen for Flawless Glowing Skin


Singapore’s weather is heating up. With a recorded 20 days with no rain, the sun is definitely beating up and this is the time for when less make up is more. But most of us still wouldn’t go out of the house without wearing something on our faces. Tinted sunscreen will be the perfect fix for the girl on the go.

Tinted moisturising sunscreen is something of an enigma. You either get it or you don’t. It contains less moisture than face cream and less coverage than foundation, but nonetheless the effects can be extremely powerful.

So What Exactly Is A Tinted Moisturising Sunscreen?

A tinted moisturising sunscreen such as the Skin Perfect CC Cream by mdd Cosmeceuticals is a sunscreen cream with a slight tint, it is a lighter formula that still provides good coverage. There are a lot of benefits to applying this very versatile product to your skin, one such benefit is the easy, no rush, no fuss application.

We are all looking for ways to make our lives easier and applying this amazing product can certainly be one of them. This lightweight cream can make your skin feel wonderful in the summer, the heavy effects of foundation can be erased and replaced with the light carefree effects of this gloriously tinted cream that protects your skin at the same time against the sun.

Simply squeeze a little of the product onto clean hands and apply it to your face, using a circular motion to work the product into the skin, apply gently, very much in the same way that you would apply any skin cream.

The tinted look of a flawless glowing skin will stay with you all day, there is no need to apply any powder to the skin, however if you prefer a more matte look, simply apply a sheer translucent powder to your face.

What is the difference between a tinted type of moisturiser and a light foundation? A tinted moisturiser hydrates and evens out the complexion, whereas a foundation covers the skin with a layer of colour.

Who Should Avoid Using Tinted Moisturising Sunscreen?

You should avoid using it if you have a poor complexion or if you have oily skin. This product is designed to be more lightweight than liquid, therefore the coverage they provide may not be enough to hide any skin blemishes etc that you may have, however it’s best to buy and try first, before you decide.

With oily skin, it can leave the skin feeling even more oilier than it is already, so really it should be avoided. When choosing tinted moisturising sunscreen, be sure to choose a shade that closely resembles your actual skin colour, this will leave you with a glowing, healthy look.